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Directors Cut of our TVC for Oreo's new Chocolate Candy...Directors Cut of our TVC for Oreo's new Chocolate Candy Bar. More details coming soon...
My Golden Ticket, is the latest beautiful personalised...My Golden Ticket, is the latest beautiful personalised book from Wonderbly; a stunning journey into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Working with Wonderbly's concept of featuring the book in a theatrical 'real-life’ version of the factory, we created a fantastical film that would entice a whole new audience to Roald Dahl’s magical world.
When we met Andy from Regenerate UK and found out about...When we met Andy from Regenerate UK and found out about The Feel Good Bakery and the great work they do, we immediately wanted to use our skills to help get more awareness for the charity. Instead of setting out to create an overly worthy piece that explains everything about the charity; we decided to create a film which would simply embody the essence of feel good and bring a smile to everyone who watches is - hopefully resulting in more sharing and more awareness. In our film we meet a whole host of quirky ingredients, who happily make their journey to become a sandwich together - but not just any sandwich, on that is bursting with feel good. To find out more about The Feel Good Bakery check out their site and place an order when you can. You won’t be disappointed!
After a competitive pitch we were selected to develop and...After a competitive pitch we were selected to develop and produce the on-screen identity for the launch of All 4; Channel 4’s new destination for all their linear and on-demand content. Taking the static marque created by Magpie Studio, which derives from the original Lambie-Nairn Channel 4 logo and brings together Channel 4’s family of services in one place through its use of colour. We worked with 4Creative to develop the brand identity and its on-screen application with the logo at its heart. We felt that the static logo with its extrusions of varying heights implied that the blocks of colour had pushed up through a surface to create the All 4 brand. This concept of ‘push’ became the heart of the visual language and motion of All 4 on screen. Central to the package are a selection of generic and channel themed animated pre-rolls, which were created in collaboration with 4creative. These play before all content and are designed to reflect and embody the distinct attitudes of each channel, reinforcing the idea that All 4 is ‘where all the four’s come together’. We also consulted on the design and functionality of the UI, assisting the Channel 4 digital team with the development of the desktop site and apps. The package was further extended into a branded promo package where individual channels on demand content could be promoted within the All 4 world. CREDITS Client: Channel 4 Logo: Magpie Studio Concept, Design & Direction: 4creative & weareseventeen Sound Design: Rich Martin @ Envy
Spark is the Telegraph Group’s brand new creative...Spark is the Telegraph Group’s brand new creative commercial arm - this new department combines their creative brains with hard audience data to offer their clients even more insightful ideas for their advertising campaigns. We worked with them to develop a top to toe look for the new brand, with the primary focus being a launch piece that embodies the concept of creativity and data coming together to create something amazing - Spark. The new brand imagery is being rolled out across all of Spark’s marketing and advertising. Zelig Sound crafted the beautiful soundscape for the launch piece.
The Overview Effect is described as the experience of...The Overview Effect is described as the experience of seeing the earth from a cosmic perspective for the first time. Seen with all its wonderful textures and colours living under a paper thin atmosphere that protects all that lives there from the harshness of space. When seen from this perspective some astronauts undergo a cognitive shift in awareness. This change causes human conflicts and man made boundaries to disappear bringing us all together in a singular planetary society, Spaceship Earth. This has only effected a handful of our brave explorers all of which have found it difficult to explain what it was they experienced. “Stupefied” made stupid by the overwhelming beauty of our planet. “Infinite Horizon” is our attempt to visualise a single moment in time, the cognitive shift experienced by an astronaut. A moment so profound so all encompassing and beautiful that words were simply not enough. Our Friends over at Echoic Audio provided the beautiful, emotive soundtrack. weareseventeen global representation TH1NG http://th1ng.com
We were delighted to be selected to develop a top down re...We were delighted to be selected to develop a top down re-design of BT's on-air identity. Previously known as BT Vision, the decision was taken to align the platform with the corporate identity; naming it simply ‘BT’ and using a refreshed version of their established logo to brand the service. There was perhaps a pre-conception about the current BT marque that only said 'telecoms'. As such, the new identity had to convey BT as a credible entertainment brand. This new on air look evokes a feeling of a premium TV platform while being mindful of not diluting the inherited stature of the corporate brand.
We were delighted to partner with brand design experts...We were delighted to partner with brand design experts The Allotment on their Employee Engagement Campaign for Lucite International. As soon as we saw what they had developed in print we couldn’t wait to bring it to life. With the global campaign look and feel already set, our challenge was to recreate the beauty and realism of the photographic style, on-screen, in motion. The film is designed to enthuse people about the Company's purpose and vision, and tells the story of how the products that Lucite International create make the world 'Lighter, brighter everywhere'.
When San Francisco based digital studio Upperquad came to...When San Francisco based digital studio Upperquad came to us with their idea for a promotion for YouTube’s annual E3 Trailer Battle we couldn’t resist getting involved. Trailer Battle is the annual event where people vote for their favourite game trailer released at E3 and what better way to present this concept than actual game trailers doing battle. Directed and designed by our very own Cesar Pelizer the sequence takes us through a series of fights, duals and mass brawls between trailers inspired by classic games. The awesome relentless soundtrack was created by Plan8. Client: Google / YouTube Agency: Upperquad Production: weareseventeen Director: Cesar Pelizer Animation Leads: Pedro Allevato, Cesar Pelizer Character Design: Cesar Pelizer Background Design: Pedro Allevato Design: Cesar Pelizer, Pedro Allevato, Mathieu Dellabe, Jason Drew, Joseph Winston. Modelling & Rigging: Joseph Winston Animation: Cesar Pelizer, Pedro Allevato, Jason Drew, Joseph Winston, Marcos Savignano, Mathieu Dellabe, Freya Hotson. Music: Plan8 -
Viasat World commissioned us to conceive and produce a...Viasat World commissioned us to conceive and produce a series of six new idents for Viasat Nature. The core concept of the idents embodies the notion that Viasat Nature brings the wonder of the natural world into the home of the viewers. This theme is translated on-screen with the iconic N of the channel brand acting as a ‘portal’ to bring creatures from their natural habit, into the brand world. Created entirely in C4D, the idents bring to life a variety of wildlife in stunningly realistic environments. The animals were chosen to cover a wide range of areas of the channels programming, with each ident touching on a different theme. From the high impact action of battling Big Horned Rams, to the playful Emperor Penguins; the magical underwater world of the Manta Ray, to the dense jungle of the Rainbow Stag Beetle; and the unsettling image of the venomous Bush Viper, to the adorable Red Squirrel hoarding food for winter. The idents are on-air from 19th June in over 38 countries. Viasat commissioned the team at Echoic to craft the awesome sound design for each ident. - CREDITS: Client: Viasat World Agency: weareseventeen Production: weareseventeen Music & Sound: Echoic -
The brief from our friends at Viasat World was simple;...The brief from our friends at Viasat World was simple; conceive an uplifting festive ident for their movie channel, TV1000, that would embody the channels ethos of being contemporary, timeless and entertaining. Our approach was to create a classic festive scene and from this create an unexpected, magical and celebratory sequence. The tone of the piece mirrors the heartwarming and epic nature of the channels seasonal content.
For Romedy NOW an initial set of 4 idents were created -...For Romedy NOW an initial set of 4 idents were created - each inspired by a universally romantic setting, the idents all focus on the contagious effect an irresistible energy between a couple have on the normally inanimate objects in the environment around them. Post Production & VFX on the idents was expertly handled by the excellent Neon TV. Box of Toys Audio composed the soundtrack for the idents, as well as the OSP system.
Something we have all no doubt noticed is the increasing...Something we have all no doubt noticed is the increasing fixation with what is going on our smartphones - if it's not ourselves, then we regularly see other people walking down the street pre-occupied with their phones, we see buses and trains full of commuters fixated on their little screens desperate for some information fix and it’s not uncommon to see friends in restaurants interacting with their phones rather than each other - all missing what is going on around them and reducing their quality of life as a result. This short animation is a playful tale of this modern phenomenon...
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