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Big wave surfer Frank Solomon finds an underground...Big wave surfer Frank Solomon finds an underground community of surfers in the place you’d least expect: Johannesburg - South Africa. For anyone that has cruised the streets of Johannesburg, the site of the city’s ‘street surfers’ is as much a part of the landscape as is that of the high rise metropolitan skyline. Frank Solomon, a big wave surfer and marine activist from Cape Town South Africa, travels to meet two exceptional men, Thabo and Mokete, who indirectly serve the environment through recycling as a means of income. This is the untold story of new friendships, shared experiences and common interest between individuals that are worlds apart. Client: Corona x Parley Agency: King James Production Company: Eyeforce Director & D.O.P.: Arthur Neumeier  
Producers: Christiaan Coetsee & Mascha Spaans Editor: Bjorn Baay Sound Tech (JHB): Renier van Niekerk Sound Tech (CPT): Simon Rice JHB Fixer: Jacob Motsamai Cast: 
Frank Solomon, 
Mokete Mokete, 
Thabo Mouti.
Balance Yourself With Nature is a film about finding your...Balance Yourself With Nature is a film about finding your inner peace in Nature. For example finding food in nature is as organic as you can get. It’s something we try to pursue, but are so disconnected from in cities. We often lose ourselves in the culture of over-saturation and overstimulation, whirring imagery, flashing lights, too much noise. However, there’s an innate desire, or a need, within all of us to get outdoors. Nabihah Iqbal - DJ & Producer Philippine Darblay - TV Host Directed by: Damien Hope Cinematography: Arthur Neumeier Music Composer: Marcus Gehring Editor: Linde van Pinxten Producer: Chris Coetsee www.eyeforce.nl www.facebook.com/worldofeyeforce www.instagram.com/eyeforce
www.eyeforce.nl...www.eyeforce.nl www.facebook.com/worldofeyeforce www.instagram.com/eyeforce
Expand your reality......Expand your reality... Tomorrowland Trailer 2019 Director: Stijn Waterman Agency: Orange Studios D.O.P.: Martijn Melis Production: Eyeforce VFX: Reinier Flaes Grading: Erik van den Heuvel. De grot. www.eyeforce.nl www.facebook.com/worldofeyeforce www.instagram.com/eyeforce
Directed by Shueti...Directed by Shueti DP Arthur Neumeier 1st AC Bjorn Baay Edit Bjorn Baay & Shueti Producers Mascha Spaans & Christiaan Coetsee Riders: Nick Jacobsen Jalou Langeree Ruben Lenten Niccolo Porcella Jesse Richman Oswald Smith Louis Lazarus The Kid Caleb Noah Heuvel www.eyeforce.nl www.facebook.com/worldofeyeforce www.instagram.com/eyeforce
Produced by: Eyeforce...Produced by: Eyeforce Director - Bob van de Gronde D.O.P. - Martijn Melis Producer - Petra Keijzer Executive producer: Egon Feiner Agency: Nachtlab Creative director: Claire van der Poel Agency producers: Jacinta Ramaker and Berthine van Dalen www.eyeforce.nl www.facebook.com/worldofeyeforce www.instagram.com/eyeforce
O’Neill was born from the Pacific Ocean in 1952, the...O’Neill was born from the Pacific Ocean in 1952, the brainchild of Californian surfer Jack O’Neill. Since its creation, it has been at the forefront of action sports innovation for generations of ocean users. But now the very oceans and waves that created O’Neill are under threat from a tsunami of plastic waste. This tragedy is the inspiration for O’Neill Blue; an initiative to produce sustainable surfwear using high performance eco-threads by Bionic, which contain recycled beach plastic. Visit for more: http://www.oneill.com/blue Director: Andreas Roth: http://andyred.com/ DOP: Arthur Neumeier Eyeforce: www.eyeforce.nl Location: Maldives
Client | Vodafone...Client | Vodafone Laura van Gestel Maurice Gilissen Joke van Griensven Arthur van Seggelen Campaign & concept | Glasnost Wouter Glaser Stijn Zwinkels Chris Peters Beau Moesman Event production | Bureau JEZ Jorine Zoetmulder Director | Bram Koopman DP | Aziz al Dilaimi Water shots | Arthur Neumeier Productie | Aemilia van Lent Account | Suzanne Thijsse
When shooting a trailer for Tomorrowland in a country as...When shooting a trailer for Tomorrowland in a country as magical as Brazil it is a rewarding challenge to try and capture some of this magic. This video tells the story of a grandfather who wishes his grandson a life full happiness. In order to help him achieve this type of living he passes on an ancient key that has helped him find his way in life; ‘the key to happiness’. Client: Tomorrowland www.eyeforce.nl https://www.facebook.com/worldofeyeforce/
Fink | Less Alone takes viewers into the mind of Fin...Fink | Less Alone takes viewers into the mind of Fin Greenall, writer, composer and frontman of the band Fink. In a psychological journey through dark places and musical inspiration, Fin finds himself struggling to balance his thoughts. Surrounded by judgement, appreciation, and with little mental space, Fin digs in deep to find the meaning of it all. Follow Eyeforce on: Facebook: facebook.com/worldofeyeforce Website: eyeforce.nl Instagram: @eyeforce Visit Tommy N Lance on: Facebook: facebook.com/Tommy-N-Lance-Photography Website: tommynlance.com/ Instagram: @tommynlance Follow Fink on: Website: finkworld.co.uk Facebook: facebook.com/finkmusic Twitter: twitter.com/finkmusic Instagram: @finkmusic Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/fink Youtube: youtube.com/fink
Mikala Jones, Marlon Gerber, Tai Graham and Desert Point...Mikala Jones, Marlon Gerber, Tai Graham and Desert Point future star Awan Hadi could have aimed for the usual sure bets when the Indian Ocean came alive during a big swell, but with such a massive population of surfers hungry to see some juice they knew crowds would be at worst-ever levels. Instead, they caught ferries to far-flung islands, the only way to get a jetski to the extremities in a hurry. After a few sleepless nights they finally had their dream set-up in place, and set off on a high-risk, high-reward kind of deal. The wave you see in the film is not new, it's been watched for hours and mainly left alone. Does it have a name? No. Has it been surfed? Kind of, just not in any state that resembled that in which the team tackled it. Produced by: www.eyeforce.nl https://www.facebook.com/worldofeyeforce/ https://www.instagram.com/eyeforce/ Director: Arthur Neumeier Cinematography by: Arthur Neumeier (water) Stefan Jansen (land) Jacob Wooden (land) Photography by: Scotty Hammonds Music by: Tame Impala -Elephant -The Bolt arrow of time ABOUT: The film has been produced as a passion project by Eyeforce. Its a non commercial short film with no funding or sponsors being involved. It was a last minute call with Tai Graham what made us decide to hop on a plane from Amsterdam and capture this amazing trip. Shot on: -Red Dragon and the SPL water housing -Sony fs700 -5D MarkIII Special thanks to Todd Gisondi and the Bulan Baru crew for having us on board. check out there amazing vessel at: bulan-baru.com keywords: surfing, surf, exploration, boat, trip, indonesia
The story of a blind skateboarder called Tommy Carroll,...The story of a blind skateboarder called Tommy Carroll, who has been completely blind since the age of two, when he lost his eyes to bilateral retinoblastoma (cancer of the retinas). After picking up skating at the age of 10, he now relies on his highly developed sense of hearing to pick up the sound of his wheels on the terrain. The video is part of the “Be Brave, Be Safe” campaign led by Amsterdam-based consumer safety organization VeiligheidNL in partnership with Dutch sportswear company Perry Sport, and includes Carroll talking about how important protective gear is to him as a skateboarder, since he feels comfortable enough to experiment and fall as he tests out new tricks. https://www.facebook.com/worldofeyeforce Meet Tommy Carroll. He has been skating since he was ten, but has been blind since the age of two... Video production: EyEFORcE Executive producer: Bob van de Gronde Director: Arthur Neumeier Agency: The Odd shop Creative Directors: Niels de Wit, Robert van der Lans Production: Josefien Homan Music: ''WHERE THE HEART IS'' Written by Marijn van der Meer and Jorrit Kleijnen Performed by Marijn van der Meer Produced by Alexander Reumers and Jorrit Kleijnen Featured Guitarist: Lourens van Haaften Client: VeiligheidNL, Perry Sport http://www.eyeforce.nl http://www.perrysport.nl/bebravebesafe http://www.theoddshop.nl https://www.facebook.com/worldofeyeforce
Ever since the first competitive bike race, riders have...Ever since the first competitive bike race, riders have been looking for the winning combination of lighter, stronger and more reliable components. Over 150 years after the development of the first bicycle components, Shimano continues to drive forwards that quest for innovation with the most advanced road cycling groupset on the market. The concept behind the new DURA-ACE R9100 was to examine and improve every component to optimize the input and maximize the output. Or to put it another way, to minimize the energy loss between the effort a rider puts in and the performance he or she achieves. In this way each DURA-ACE R9100 component is designed to work at maximum effectiveness with every other component in the system. This is Shimano’s system component concept. The result is SYSTEM SUPREMACY. CLIENT: Shimano AGENCY: Doorrood Production Company: Eyeforce
Wetransfer and Eyeforce teamed up to create a new film to...Wetransfer and Eyeforce teamed up to create a new film to celebrate creativity. Starring: Pro Kitesurfer // Video Production - Ruben Lenten // EyeForce shot in Cape Town, SA - len10.com + eyeforce.nl Voice-over // Music - Tawiah // Full Crate shot in New York City, NY, US - tawiahmusic.com + fullcrate.net Automotive Art - Gijs Spierings shot in Brouwersdam, NL - gijsspierings.com Aerial Video - Copter Kids shot in San Francisco, CA, US - copterkidsllc.com UNStudio Architects - Ben van Berkel shot in Amsterdam, NL - unstudio.com Aerial Photography - Sebastian Vervenne shot in Veluwe, NL - sebastianvervenne.be Animator - Ronny Traufeller shot in Berlin, DE - traufeller.de Surf Photography - Morgan Maassen shot in Malibu, CA, US - morganmaassen.com Pro Skater - Sewa Kroetkov shot in Los Angeles, CA, US - instagr.am/sewakroetkov Live FAST Magazine - Vivianne Lapointe shot in Los Angeles, CA, US - livefastmag.com Nectar 3D - Nick Wilderink shot in Arnhem, NL - nectar3d.com Art Basel Miami - Wynwood Muralists shot in Miami, FL, US - thewynwoodwalls.com Deus Motorcycles Bali - Dustin Humphrey shot in Canggu, Bali, ID - deuscustoms.com Fashion Designers - Central Saint Martins shot in London, GB - arts.ac.uk/csm Fashion Photography - Formento + Formento shot in New York, NY, US - formento2.com Denim Fashion - Olaf Hussein shot in Amsterdam, NL - olafhussein.com
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