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As part of our long-running short films initiative, we...As part of our long-running short films initiative, we pitched the question to our team "Can you visualise the frustrations of the creative process?" So we organised some brainstorming sessions on the problems with brainstorming sessions, had committee meetings on the pains of design by committee, and bounced ideas around about how we bounce ideas around. Embracing a minimal design language to focus on the characterisation, we created a short film which is a montage of relatable scenarios for the creative professional. Big thanks to Box of Toys Audio for the music and audio
Blue Zoo is a leading animation studio in the UK, with a...Blue Zoo is a leading animation studio in the UK, with a world-class reputation as the go-to place for creating bold, fun and characterful animation. Established in London in 2000, the studio has grown to become the largest dedicated animation studio in the UK, picking up a shelf full of BAFTAs along the way. Here is a montage of some of their recent work!
Watch the Making of: the Making of: Every Christmas we do something a bit unique that represents and challenges our studio's diverse styles and skills. This time we have turned to our new dedicated 2D animation studio who have created something very special. The first 2D #BZshorts film is directed by People and Talent Coordinator, Katie Gascoyne. Our commitment to pioneering new talent and giving opportunities to ALL staff is at the heart of the shorts program. This year, there was a blind pitch where the whole company was invited to pitch an idea for the music video to Scouting for Girl’s Christmas single. Specifically, the brief asked for an “odd couple.” Katie won the blind pitch with a heart-warming pairing between Dan, a living gingerbread man, and his human girlfriend, Mandy. Directed By Katie Gascoyne Storyboard By Luke Allen Jacques Gauthier Art Direction Jacques Gauthier Development Andrew Scott Jovan de Melo Maeva Verdun Adam Willis Larisa Bumb Francesco Guarini Character Design Tena Galovic Katie Gascoyne Prop Design Eva Strautkalne Illustration Sophie Gallo Rigging Plamen Ananiev Niki Kehoe Elijah Mazur Sonia Naqvi Georgia Read-Smith Background Design Sam Bailey Kasia Brzezińska Charlotte West Background Layout Farhad Chams Sebastian König Charlotte West Wei Wu Background Paint Alice Geoffriault Lucy Munro Niccolo Magni Jovan De Melo Junior Nicola Coppack Katie Barry Maeva Verdun Animation Lead Mateus Lima Animators Emilliano Alcocer Stefanos Chrysanthou Michael Logar Lewis Nash Marcelo Perin Giulia Ranialo Saeed Rezvani Billy Shing Joe Sutherland Fernanda Valverde Eduardo Vazquez Elnaz Forouhari Comp & FX Stuart Geddis Millie Spouse Jodi Henry Tania Maccaferri Pipeline TD Chris Carter Edit Alec Smith Music ‘Let’s Not Go Away’ a Song by Scouting For Girls Music & Lyrics by Roy Stride, David Freedman, Jackson Freedman Sound Design John Sutherland Exec producer Oli Hyatt Producer Denise Green Production Manager Nikitha Mannam Special Thanks Tom Box Adam Shaw Laura Annis Sony Music All @ Blue Zoo Made by Blue Zoo Animation Studios © Blue Zoo Productions Ltd 2019
We worked with Wax/On to create a versatile campaign...We worked with Wax/On to create a versatile campaign suitable for screen and print to promote Doddle and it's parcel collection service. The animation shows parcel delivery 'hell' versus a cloud-filled parcel collection 'heaven', reminding us that Doddle is the 'perfect place for our presents'. The animation combines 2D and 3D techniques giving it a soft, painterly quality, and it's built in one shot cleverly panning from parcel drop-off misery to the parcel collection happy place. Everything is rendered in Maya. Credits: Client: Wax/On Animation Director: Dane Winn Art Director: Izzy Burton Executive Director: Damian Hook Producer: Chantal Baldwin
Hope Works have been working in conjunction with Unicef...Hope Works have been working in conjunction with Unicef and the world’s biggest broadcasters to produce a series of films designed to bolster hope amongst our children, who are exposed to increasingly challenging topics via media, from war to natural disaster. We were commissioned by Cartoon Network UK to produce A Whale’s Tale, tackling the subject of marine pollution but with a positive message. The films launched simultaneously on networks around the world on World Children’s Day.
In a timely story about love triumphing over fear, we...In a timely story about love triumphing over fear, we created a short festive animation that would rival any Christmas advert in the cuteness stakes! Check out the making-of here: Now in its 6th year, our company-wide shorts programme encourages experimentation in the studio and a culture of creative collaboration. Everyone in the studio has the opportunity to pitch their idea, and everyone votes for their favourite, making it unique and democratic. This year Simone Giampaolo & Francesco Mazza won the vote and steered the studio together to make this short. We hope you enjoy it & wish you a very happy Christmas from all at Blue Zoo :) Production Company: Blue Zoo Animation Studio Directed by: Francesco Mazza & Simone Giampaolo Art Direction & Design: Francesco Mazza Animation Direction: Simone Giampaolo Music: Brollyman Narration: Darren Altman Lead Modeller: Pietro Licini CG Supervisor: Gherardo Zurla Modelling & Texturing: Pietro Licini, Mélanie Gras, Hannah Wong Head of Look Dev: Negar Bagheri Grooming & Look Dev: Arthur Tibbett, Hannah Wong Rigging, simulation and FX: Anthony Delliste Lead Animator: Simone Giampaolo Animators: Jim Sweeting, Owen Fern, Zoé Risser Lighting TDs: Hannah Wong, Gherardo Zurla, Steven White Compositing: Hannah Wong, Elaine Thomas, Negar Bagheri, Gherardo Zurla Additional Art: Izzy Burton Pipeline Team: Jay Tsang, Phil Stewart Producer: Tom Box Production Managers: Lizzie Hicks, Negar Bagheri Voice Effects: Alec Smith Sound Design & Mix: John Sutherland VO Sound Engineer: Dom Boucher @ The Sound Company Special Thanks: Brollyman and Matthew Slater, Adam Shaw, Damian Hook, Joe Kinch, Dane Winn, Sophie Rekasowski, Carole Baskin, Catherine Gallo, Jacques Gauthier, Fabrizia Spera, Alessandra Battaglia and all our families. To help protect endangered big cats, please make sure to support: Felidae Conservation Fun ( Big Cat Rescue (
A paw-some series of shorts featuring the fetching pooch...A paw-some series of shorts featuring the fetching pooch based on the real-life pup, Showlow! After a competition to choose the starring dog, our commercials team created this campaign bringing together Paw Patrol and Pedigree.
It's that time of year! And we'd like to introduce you to...It's that time of year! And we'd like to introduce you to the Moonies; the chaotic couple who won't be getting the Christmas they expected this year. When an evening of festivities goes very wrong, the Moonies try to hide any wrongdoing. Little do they know who they’re up against. Christmas with the Moonies is the result of our 2018 seasonal shorts programme, a company-wide initiative renowned for its output of award-winning shorts that push creative boundaries, allow experimentation and are truly collaborative in process. Individuals have the opportunity to pitch their idea to the studio and the studio votes the most popular idea into production. Credits Directed by Will Cook Storyboarded by Joe Kinch Layout: Ben Steer Lead CG Supervisor: Paul Mitcheson Lead Lookdev Artist: Athur Tibbett Unreal Technical Artists: Jack Sainsbury, Phil Stewart, Dane Winn Character Design: Nelson Atmos CG Modeling Artists: Pietro Licini, Erika Eguia, Richard Cope, Chris Wright, Jacopo Piccini Surfacing Artist: Izzy Burton Animation: Ben Steer, Dane Winn, Benjamin Lane, Chloe Deneuve, Jessica Austin, Joaquin Martinez, Julia Millan, Marcus Taylor, Mark Spokes, Megan Huggins, Phillip Ward, Owen Fern, Oleksiy Popov, Sam Webster, Sarah Caisley, Zoe Risser Rigging: Anthony Delliste Pipeline: Phil Stewart IT: John Harvey, Alex Cornell, Alan Anderson Production Managers: Chantal Baldwin & Nikitha Mannam Producer: Tom Box With thanks to: Oli Hyatt, Adam Shaw, Lizzie Hicks, Damian Hook, Epic Games, all @ Blue Zoo.
How do we follow our festive short "More Stuff"? We make...How do we follow our festive short "More Stuff"? We make a short that follows it! Continuing the theme of parodies onwards from animated musicals, we made an epic action movie trailer full of movie parodies... can you spot all 20 references? Movie coming soon... if Santa brings us a few $million for Christmas! Production Company: Blue Zoo Animation Directed by Simone Giampaolo and Joe Kinch Producers: Tom Box, Damian Hook & Lizzie Hicks Lead modelling and textures: Pietro Licini, Gherardo Zurla Modelling: Hannah Wong, Dane Winn, Maxime Guillemin, Mélanie Gras Rigging: Anthony Delliste Digital matte painter: Izzy Burton Lead lighting and compositing: Charlie Batho, Paul Mitcheson Lead animators: Simone Giampaolo, Dan Edgley Additional animation: Zeina Masri, Steve Kimbrey, Lizzie Hicks Additional lighting: Elaine Thomas & Damian Hook Pipeline TDs: Joe Leveson & Jay Tsang Pipeline Networking: Marco Cusano Cloud rendering support: YellowDog Sound design: Joe Kinch Music: Audio Network
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