The German born photographer travelled the globe capturing the essence of different styles. 
After a stop in the US and later South Africa,she is now based in Dubai, a great hub for fashion, luxury, technology and breath taking events.
She thinks that the city has just the right cosmopolitan mix to satisfy her love for different cultures and styles, as well as scenary alongside ground breaking architecture which always keeps her fascinated.
The studied artist easily balances between still-life and people photography, adding video in the mix for complete amd comprehensive projects and shoots.
Sabrina has a keen eye for details and loves everything shiny making Dubai her one great studio. Great timing and sticking to deadlines are her biggest asset.
She works with some of the biggest commercial high end brands and her work appeared in various international magazines.
Her love for photography clearly shows in every flash of her camera, where each photo tells a story, a part of the artist in her.