“We always knew there was scientific magic contained...“We always knew there was scientific magic contained within the humble pickle,” says Sam Bompas, one half of the experimental culinary duo, Bompas & Parr. “Everyone is pickling right now, and we were interested in pushing it to the extreme. We knew the time had come to create the world’s first gherkin chandelier.” Directed by David Lane of the food journal The Gourmand and co-directed by Jeremy Valender of Pundersons Gardens, the luminous show-and-tell film unpacks the science behind the steampunk-esque contraption, boasting over 60 pickles in explosive, electrical sequence. Filmed and finished at Pundersons Gardens for Nowness.
Working with Laura Holmes Production and photographer...Working with Laura Holmes Production and photographer Jacob Sutton, PG DoP Jeremy Valender shot this SS16 Campaign film for Issey Miyake's new 'baked stretch' range of pleated womenswear. Using innovative new techniques, the fabricis imprinted with a special glue, placed in an oven and baked, producing a distinctive texture. Though it looks in many ways like the film employs sophisticated visual effects, the clothing was shot in-camera at a high frame-rate on Alexa Mini.
Nike Tiempo Legend 6....Nike Tiempo Legend 6. Tiempo is the boot of the attacking striker, the unstoppable player that sparks the offensive. The boot is his tool of choice, perfectly formed for his mission to attack and score. Client - Nike Portland Director (Live Action) - Chris Read Production Company - Glassworks Production Company (Live Action) - Pundersons Gardens/PG Commercial Sound Design - Kaiser Sound Studios Creative Director - Gary Horton Art director - Michael Malowanczyk Art director - David Chen Creative - Michael Malowanczyk Design Project Manager - Alissa Hudson Executive Producer - Noah Stanik Development Producer - Sarah Barkley Porter Producer - Marie Foley Glassworks team Director/ 3D Lead - Florian Juri Executive Producer - Jane Bakx 3D Artist - Tim Bolland 3D Artist - Rudiger Kaltenhauser 3D Artist - Norbert Kiehne 3D Artist - Vaclav Cizkovsky 3D Artist - Kornel Makarowicz Flame Lead - Morten Vinther Flame Assist - Hugo Rodriguez Colourist - Matt Hare
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