Directed by Thirty Two • Produced by Insurrection for...Directed by Thirty Two • Produced by Insurrection for Rosapark • Post By Mathematic Studio ► AWARDS ► Cannes Lions 2017 | Gold | Entertainment ►
Directed by François Rousselet
Directed by Thierry Poiraud
(English subtitles button CC)...(English subtitles button CC) If you call your hardcore punk band Rihanna Secret Show, there is a pretty good chance you'll end up disappointing tons of Rihanna fans every night. And a few hours before tonight's show, a very unlucky journalist has the nearly-impossible mission of interviewing the four girls who had this brilliant idea. A hardcore punk comedy featuring Saara Untracht Oakner, Jennifer Allcott, Rachel Trachtenburg, Ariel Hauck, Michael Kane. Written and directed by Julien Levy. Produced by Insurrection Rihanna Secret Show is part of a feature film currently in development
Directed by François Rousselet • Produced by Insurrection...Directed by François Rousselet • Produced by Insurrection for Dior
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