BLUE ZOO Video Production / Animation studio / CGI

How do we follow our festive short "More Stuff"? We make...How do we follow our festive short "More Stuff"? We make a short that follows it! Continuing the theme of parodies onwards from animated musicals, we made an epic action movie trailer full of movie parodies... can you spot all 20 references? Movie coming soon... if Santa brings us a few $million for Christmas! Production Company: Blue Zoo Animation Directed by Simone Giampaolo and Joe Kinch Producers: Tom Box, Damian Hook & Lizzie Hicks Lead modelling and textures: Pietro Licini, Gherardo Zurla Modelling: Hannah Wong, Dane Winn, Maxime Guillemin, Mélanie Gras Rigging: Anthony Delliste Digital matte painter: Izzy Burton Lead lighting and compositing: Charlie Batho, Paul Mitcheson Lead animators: Simone Giampaolo, Dan Edgley Additional animation: Zeina Masri, Steve Kimbrey, Lizzie Hicks Additional lighting: Elaine Thomas & Damian Hook Pipeline TDs: Joe Leveson & Jay Tsang Pipeline Networking: Marco Cusano Cloud rendering support: YellowDog Sound design: Joe Kinch Music: Audio Network
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