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Brave is ancient and Brave is young....Brave is ancient and Brave is young. We went toe to toe with the whales now we go face to face with the waves. Brave is ancient and brave is young our stomping ground is where pioneers are from. As for we, close contact is harmony. Fighters, lovers winners, losers offshore unsung. On the run in silence with horizons with a bang we ride on land bodies meet the dirt we ride on water some bite the dust. Brave is before and brave is now from ice to flames from surf to wheels from dark to light from ocean to earth. From right here to way out there is the place where we live Parlementia nation of surf Producer : Raphaël Carassic / Big Productions Director : Antoine Besse DOP : Michel Jakobi et Titi Mouth Gene Barbe Brice Montessuit Charles Castes Gilles Harotcarena Yves Hirigoyen Boucherie Lacouade The Tropical Youth Jon Tambourindeguy Patxi Tambourindeguy Ona Pilota Pilou Ducalme Des danseurs du Ballet Malandain Biarritz Laurent Perigault Alexandra Kubiak Ride with us Korentin Loezic ND surf Martysurfdelivery Des Joueurs du SPUC Saint pee sur Nivelle Union Club Chai Ponpon Arnaud Maury David Voiture Atlantic Drone Antoine Juste Dédicace à Sam Partaix pour son drop à la cité de la Mer de Biarritz Frères Delgado Tom Amiot Marley Dubosc Lucas Pommier Antoine Caillet Romain Campet & Carole Courtois Cyrille Pettolino
New Film for BALMAIN 's Pre-Fall 2018 womenswear and mens...New Film for BALMAIN 's Pre-Fall 2018 womenswear and mens ready-to-wear collections & BBOX bag STARRING : Isabeli Fontana, Lisa Vollebregt, He Jing, Andres Velencoso DIRECTED BY : PANAMÆRA (Quentin Curtat & Cedric Richer) Stylist : Aleksandra Woroniecka assisted by de Aline de Beauclaire, Jessica Falcao, Daria Di Gennaro Director of Photography : Benoit Delhomme B Camera Operator : Gary Bialas Production : Big Productions & Vogue Paris Executive Producer : Pierre Rambaldi Producer : Yann Bigay Producer assistant : Galéane Martinez Post-production : Mikros Image Color Grading : Sébastien Mingam Music : Ant Pablos Hair : James Rowe Makeup : Stéphane Marais Manicure : Typhaine Kersual Special thanks to RVZ
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