Elisa Valenzuela is an art director and illustrator who has lived and worked in Paris since 2008.

Over that time she has built up her expertise at luxury, fashion and beauty brands such as Paco Rabanne, Lacoste and Krug Champagne.

Following undergraduate studies at the Beaux-Arts de Reims and a Masters in Graphic Design at Penninghen, 
she further developed her skills at the Mlle. Noï communication agency in Paris between 2008 and 2012.

Elisa’s photographs have appeared in a number of publications, in particular the French national newspaper Liberation.  

Collaborations with other artists and designers have given Elisa experience in a variety of disciplines. 
Recently she co-directed the science fiction film “La Ventura” with Clemence Seilles.
For the artist Jerszy Seymour she produced a series of images portraying workshops and art production. 
She has also documented the creative process of artists involved in "Chateaux Secrets", a project by Florence Parot.

In 2012, Elisa founded Les Fauves, a collective of artists who work together to create tasteful and 
participatory sculptures. It often takes the shape of “Sculpture Receptions”- 
Installations in the form of banquets.