Twin Studio is an agency specialising in the creation and production of videos and original content for the fashion industry.

We are Italian and very passionate about what we do, with continous improvement of quality and attention to detail. Excellence in customer care and enhancement, a tailor made consultancy: this is our soul. We are a team of creative and capable professionals that daily transform ideas into reality.

Video & photo production, film direction, art direction & graphics, animation & motion graphics, social content, creative advice.

Twin Studio Animation is a department of Twin Studio. It was born to have a fresh, unique and tailor-made approach to tell stories about brands and products through Video Animation. Each of our artists have their own unique style, technique and talent. Watercolours, oil paintings, collage, stop motion, digital, analog, 2D or 3D video installations and mixed technique contribute in an ongoing artistic and experimental manner. All processes are done internally from the creative proposal to the production of the final output.