Looking Glass Films represents an impressive roster of feature film directors and cinematographers for all forms of advertising work within the United States as well as various territories throughout the world. These highly distinguished and talented directors are among the most venerated story tellers and visualists in the industry.Turning their attention and creative energies to the advertising arena this assemblage of filmmakers collaborates with both agencies and clients to meet the growing challenges of capturing the attention of the ever-more sophisticated consumer.

Looking Glass Films is helmed by Executive Producer June Guterman. Guterman’s professional history includes producing commercials and videos for directors Mark Romanek, Jake Scott, Paul Hunter and Matthew Rolston. She has worked on feature films with filmmakers such as Martin Scorsese, Arthur Penn and Sidney Lumet. In addition Guterman has produced an Academy Award winning film as well as garnering numerous other awards and nominations. Her vast experience in production enables her to skillfully guide these directors through the labyrinth of the advertising and marketing worlds creating the most compelling content possible.