A quest for sustainability also in the visual language implies a rise in interest for illustrations, because they represent a cost-effective and brand-designing picture language. After a certain dry spell, clients have started to rediscover the potential of illustrations. It started with packaging design, client and staff magazines as well as annual reports and sustainability reports.

The team of carolineseidler.com provides professional answers for any kind of requests to visualize creative ideas from the advertising, design or publishing industries. A growing number of business clients are seeking for a direct way to personal advice and project support.



We create animated story boards (animatics), annual reports, sustainability reports, newsletters, direct mails, corporate magazines, info brochures, invitations, packages, labels, display windows and walls for the interior design of such clients as Brainds, BüroX, DMB, Blink, Publicis, Ogilvy, Rahofer, Scholdan&Comp, Maxima, Styria Verlag, Moodley, BWM Architects, Land NÖ, Büro Meisinger, Lenikus Winery, Kaufhaus Steffl, Verbund, NZZ, Der Standard, Kapsch, Palfinger, etc.

Info graphics, portrait as well as map and food illustrations have already become mainstream.

Animatics (animated story boards) have become a crucial factor in the digital sector, as carolineseidler.com demonstrated with movies designed for the following companies: Styria AG, OeKB, Kapsch, Bahlsen, respACT, among others.

From the editorial point of view are they illustrations of topics: pictures to read. The rules of perspective can be overcome and contents condensed. Packaging uses illustration as a part of CI, info graphics makes it easy to understand complex contents, portraits put people in personal poses, maps divulge secrets around the world and animated pictures, animated story boards liven up websites as well as corporate magazines and clients conferences!, etc.



Caroline Seidler is the founder of carolineseidler.com / Agency for visual implementation of creative ideas. She is a competent personal advisor and helps to find the right visual language by means of illustrations. This is valid for her clients from the communication industry as well as the illustrators she is used to work with on a regular basis.

Illustrations offer a unique possibility to communicate ideas – they are flexible, careful, vivid or individual and, as a part of the CI, they provide any medium with its distinctive character. It means a lot to us to obtain a better combination of creativity and economic efficiency.

Caroline Seidler, who has since 1983 been gaining experience as a customer consultant, photo editor, art buyer and production manager at publishing houses and advertising agencies, now provides her know how for clients and illustrators alike with the goal to obtain the best result possible:

Style is not all, what counts. You can expect from the illustrators she is promoting a certain understanding and awareness for briefings, technical as well as time reliability, a continuous style and nevertheless flexibility within that style. A balanced, budget-friendly cost-performance ratio defines the co-operation and project monitoring of this experienced image consultant.

Since 2010, the inquiries from the communication industry for illustrators have doubled being most significant among advertising agencies.

Inquiries and orders come mostly from German-speaking Europe and the USA. The portfolio applications of illustrators have risen in the same amount whereas their quality has become more average. It has become more and more difficult to find outstanding talents for a continuous collaboration.



Awards, local and international ones, have confirmed the quality of our collaboration with clients: 2009: Artur Bodenstein: illustration awarded for EVN with Büro X, and MÖMAX with DMB!: Silver Award, category: illustration,

2009: Golden Venus CCA: category: citylight,

2009: Silver Venus CCA: category: poster (2 Sheets),

2009: Silver Venus CCA: category: advertisement, 2009: ADGAR, winner: category: trade,

2009: Cannes National Diploma, Cresta Award NY: category: poster,

2010/11: Gina Müller and Sonja Priller: Austrian Sustainability Reporting Award: “Der Palfinger Bericht 2010/2011” has received two awards: category “Best Austrian Report” and “Best report in the category big enterprises” at ASRA in NY,

2012: Esther Gebauer for Brainds/Verbund: Best of Corporate Publishing: Silver, Stefanie Hilgarth with Publicis Vienna/Kapsch/Economic Movie Days: Prix Victoria: Silver for the animated “FilmTrend”,

2012: Myriam Heinzel for Verbund Sustainability Report with Illustrations: Austrian Annual Reporting Award: Winner: category: sustainability.



It is good that the visual language in the form of illustrations has regained a visible importance in the communication industry; good perspectives for talented people who are able to transform creative ideas in a professional way as well as for courageous clients who want to appear with a strong and yet careful, intelligent medium. Part of the communication business is to distinguish change, and THAT IS what ordered illustrations can offer!



A personal remark:

“Everbody has bats in the belfry.”


That’s the illustrators’ new presentation on the website carolineseidler.com

(How this came: I always had one, then Artur Bodenstein painted it for me, and one by one, everybody wanted his own.)